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What to Expect


Omega Sportz Extended School clubs provide access to a wide variety of opportunities beyond the school day. Regular cleaning of the equipment and resources will ensure all equipment provided will always be ready and available to the children. These include a diverse range of daily activities such as: Team sports, Arts and Craft, Activity Challenges, Multisport, as well as time to do homework. Range of healthy snacks, drinks and light meals included every day too!

Breakfast Club

Omega Sportz Extended School Clubs operate every day from 7.30am each morning during term time. A good way to start the school day, providing your child a safe and balanced breakfast and the chance to prepare their bodies and minds by engaging in a wide variety of activities. An Effective Start boosts focus and enhances achievement.

After Schools Club

After a day of structured learning children need to be able to release their energy from being sedentary in their classrooms. Our after-school care not only provides children with a wide range of activities but offers parents who require childcare up to 6pm peace of mind that they will be kept active and engaged by qualified and experienced staff. To keep energy levels up children receive a healthy and nutritious light snack.

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